BCMY’s charity collection service
Recycle4Charity.co.uk, BCMY’s charity collection service, converts mobile phones and printer cartridges into a fully accountable revenue stream

Support Your Branded Recycling Programme

There are many reasons for an organisation to set up a recycling initiative.  It may be to get your own empties back, it could be to raise money or it may be in line with your corporate social responsibility.  Recycling printer cartridges and mobile phones or any other products could be easier than you think. 

Whether it’s your company, customers, employees or supporters who do the donating, our system will sit in the background to make everything run seamlessly.

You will benefit from our unique logistics technology whilst your initiative remains branded exclusively to you.  With our system you can achieve more by doing less.


How Does it Work?

rECYCLE MOBILE PHONES AND INK CARTRIDGES FOR CHARITYAll returned items are kept out of landfill and recycled.  You can track how much by weight or volume and money can be raised proportionally based on the same criteria. Everything is fully trackable and accountable and all data can be made available to both you and your users.

Contact us on +44 (0)1273 900 249 to talk to us about having your own closed loop recycling programme